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The Final of CPSC106

So for my story, I will talk about, well this class. When I first started I didn’t…

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Week 4 summary

So for this week, I did enjoy most of the work we had to do. I enjoyed…

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Week 4 daily boxes

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MTG Commercial

This is for the video assignment “Create A Commercial“(Worth 5 points). I made a commercial for magic…

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I am me

For this video assignment “I am me“(3 points). I just talk a bit about myself. This is…

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I looked, listened and analyzed

So I personally looked at the dark night clip below: So let me start with, I love…

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Thoughts on reading a movie

Alright well I’ll start with saying, I was very interested with the thought of pausing movies and…

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Thoughts on Moon Graffiti

Well I think what made this so impressive is the background noise that made it feel like…

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Best Parody

So for this assignment I’m doing “Music Parody“(Worth 3 points). I’m doing this parody on the song…

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Week 3 summary

It has been a very bad week for me and I think my work reflects that, I’m…

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