Summery of week 2

Reflecting on Vigenlli Canon:
Daily creates:

Five Assignments design assignments (Total points 14):
Motivation (2 points):
DVD menu (4 points):
Post card(2 points):
Better motivation(3 points):
Are we there yet?(3 points):

2 animated GIF assignments:
5 seconds:
Favorite TV show:

Thoughts on the whole week:
Ok, I think I’ll start with saying, I’m not a huge fan of being required to do stuff, I really disliked the DesignBlitz. Even though I had unlimited time I still felt constrained, I would have liked it more if I could have just take pictures of whatever I wanted then just talk about them. Then again that would just be photography and not what this class is trying to cover so that’s mostly on me. I’m also not huge on having to complete a certain amount of stars for the design assignments plus having to do something required. I think some of my best work comes from me doing things I’d find enjoyable. Like the motivating posters both of them I had a fun time making and I could write on my thought process if I wanted to but I feel like that is more of a ramble than me giving a “story” even though most of my work is just talking about how I got to what I posted. Now for somethings I did enjoy doing. I liked the GIF work, I like making GIF’s, it isn’t hard, I can be creative. I enjoy the challenge of them but the freedom you have if that makes sense. I also hope people enjoyed my story for the “Are We There Yet?” assignment, I tried making it a story story, if that makes sense. I thought it would have been fun and it allowed me to use the image as more of an example and anchor than feeling like it needs to be the center piece.

I’ll just wrap up saying, I don’t think the work was terribly hard and I know that we will be required to do things we don’t want to but I feel like you’ll see more of my creative side if I don’t need to count stars and try stuff that’s really outside of my comfort zone. I mean I know it’s something that we will all need to work on but I really don’t enjoy being given 20+ sources and then thrusted out into the world to find things that might somewhat resemble things. If it was extra credit, I think a lot more works from the heart would be found or even make it like a design assignment someone can choose to do.

As for comments I had a small conversation here:

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4 thoughts on “Summery of week 2

  1. Oh my lords I’m glad I’m not the only one! I hate having time constraints (though sometimes it’s fun on some assignments) on anything I do that requires me to be creative. I want to confidently say that “Hey, I did this! And I’m proud of what I’ve done!”. Having to do a certain amount of stars can be frustrating too because there could be this one assignment that I like and want to do but with all the assignment stars that I am doing, I don’t feel like I have the time to do it.

    I also agree with you on all of the information too. Sometimes there’s just enough stuff provided for information, then there’s *too* much information. If everything is more simplified, then it would be so much easier.

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